Saturday, October 11, 2008

Soda Consumption and Teenagers -The Dangers

Soda consumption and Teenagers -Our Teenagers are in Danger Nutritionally!

Teenagers who drink a lot of soda have now been documented As being more prone to bone fractures and osteoporosis than those who do not drink much soda.

A questionnaire was given to 460 girls in the 9th and 10th grades, asking them about their diet and exercise habits, along with any History of fractures. The study's results showed that girls who drank soft drinks were more than THREE TIMES MORE LIKELY to have a bone fracture. And physically active girls who drank Cola were nearly FIVE TIMES MORE LIKELY to have had a bone fracture.

Studies have linked mineral loss before to Cola consumption, but finally someone thought to check out teenager's consumption and how it might affect them.

Between 40% to 60% of peak bone mass is built during the teenage years. Consumption of soft drinks affects both boys and girls. The acidic nature of the phosphoric acid in the drink causes the body to pull calcium out of the bones to buffer the acid.

Many teenagers are very active in sports. Note how much more likely drinkers of the soft drinks were likely to have a bone fracture? Thirty to fifty percent!! Is your teenager in sports and drinking soft drinks? Colas? I offer Nutritional work ups and mineral assays, using hair analysis. Teenagers I see in my practice today, more than ever before, are not eating many fruits and vegetables. These are needed to provide the minerals to build strong bones. To add to this the consumption of soft drinks and these teenagers are setting themselves up for conditions such as osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a disease in which the bones have become more porous and therefore more fragile and prone to breaking. It is thought to be a problem for older people, however this study shows that teenagers may be the newest group to suffer.

How does your teenager score in soft drink consumption? How does (s)he score in eating plenty of green vegetables? Or other food choices such as yogurt, small amounts of cheese, Beans, Salmon and other things with high calcium/mineral content? And how much water is (s)he drinking? Your teenager may not like water after drinking all the flavored and sugared drinks. However water consumption is vitally important for health and electrical conductivity of the body. As a health practitioner, I suggest one quart of water for every 50 pounds of weight. So if your teenager weighs one hundred pounds, (s)he would need to drink two quarts of water a day. As an added incentive, tell them it will help clear up many bad skin problems.

Educate yourself and your teenager about the use of soft drinks and the consequences. Remember, Prevention is the best measure! Help them to understand the importance of eating their fruits and vegetables and drinking purified water.


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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Active Kids, Healthy Minds! Kick It into Gear with Exercise

A new video game craze is sweeping the nation, and believe it or not, it has our kids up and moving. The dance revolution video games are rising in popularity as they come out with new Playstation, Xbox, and even Gameboy versions. You may be wondering how this could possibly be, in a nation where childhood obesity is reaching epidemic proportions.

Child experts have written countless reports on the harmful nature of video games. One of their biggest concerns is how video games aid in childhood obesity due to the sedentary nature of this less than active activity. The good news is, this dance revolution is turning our kids on to exercise. Kids are getting active, coming out of their “zombie-like” state to kick it up with dance revolution.

You may be wondering; what is dance revolution, and how exactly does it help with childhood obesity? Dance Revolution is a video game that first gained popularity in arcades. Kids stand on a 3’x3’ dance pad with six squares designating the dance steps. The dance pad is touch sensitive to sense when the player had made a step. The video screen displays a character dancing to the music selected by the player. Arrows indicate where the player is to step on the dance pad.

The game computes each correct dance step and tabulates them to give the player a score. The dance revolution gives kids difficulty level options. Those who have tried the dance revolution say that it requires a lot of practice to really get a hang of the dance moves and the timing. Kids learn rhythm and gain coordination. They are leaving behind their soda pops and candy bars to step to the beat of a new drum. Kids, who otherwise hated exercise and gyms, are finding themselves caught up in the thrill of the dance revolution.

Kids are loving this new video game form of exercise. They see it as a game, but are reaping the benefits of physical fitness. The dance revolution is kicking childhood obesity out the door. Many schools are incorporating the dance revolution into their physical education curriculum and are reporting positive results. Otherwise sedentary, often obese kids are getting involved in the fun.

What starts as just another cool game is helping them to lose weight, gain tone, and even curb appetites. Kids love being able to pick their favorite music and learn “cool” dance steps. Then dance revolution tops it off by making it a game, which meets the kids need for challenge. Kids are finding themselves breaking a sweat, gaining stamina, and “bustin’ a move” instead of just pushing buttons and manipulating a joystick. Arcades are filled with kids wanting to try the dance revolution, unwittingly moving into a healthier lifestyle under the guise of having a great time.

Child experts are also encouraged by the dance revolution because, unlike so many video games, it also stimulates the mind. Dance revolution does not contain violent or otherwise questionable images, and the music and motion stimulate the minds of kids. Kids are taking up this new hobby and dancing in arcades across the country, helping themselves in their own fight against childhood obesity.

Dance revolution has made even greater strides in popularity since it has become available to kids in their homes through Playstation, Xbox, Gameboys, and computers. Kids are practicing their dance moves, honing their skills at home, and then wowing their friends at the arcade. New programs allow kids to create their own dance moves. A video game that sparks creativity and physical activity is a truly great weapon in the battle against childhood obesity.

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